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I AM a Creator. I AM a Photographer. I AM a Graphic Designer. I AM an Artist. I AM a Foodie. I AM a Traveler. I AM a Learner. I AM Love. I AM Strength. I AM Wisdom. I AM a Seeker of Truth. I AM Spiritual. I AM a Golden Age Astrologer. I AM on a path of BECOMING! My vision and creativity is the greatest gift I have been given and it is among the several ways I choose to share my medicine with the world.

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I’m kuh•NAY•see•uh. Sort of sounds like “can I see ya”. As a photographer, I specialize in portrait, food and street photography. As a graphic designer, I specialize in logo and branding for mission-driven and passion-driven brands who desire to raise the vibration of humanity and our planet.

I choose to be a part of the solution by practicing self-love, awareness, growth, and leading in my authenticity. My mission is to assist people in remembering who they are and reclaim their power through creativity.

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