My Story begins with a question?

Have you ever gone on a once in a lifetime journey and 
didn’t have a single clear photo to prove it?

My travel journey started five years ago. During the first year, I traveled to more than 10 countries, 12+ cities, with 30+ strangers who became my family. Through all the laughs, the love, and the struggles, this journey has been one of the best decisions I ever gave myself permission to say "YES" to. With a name like “Can I see ya,” oddly enough, you can’t see me at all! 
A year of travel and some of the only photographic proof I have of me are blurry photos and the memory itself.


If I judged the quality of my friends by how well they took pictures of me, I wouldn't have many friends. I can’t blame them. This is what happens when you ask unexperienced friends, family, and strangers to take your picture with a professional camera.

Same CAMERA. Different results.

What's the difference you Ask?

The difference 
is not only how I see you but the mere fact that I choose to see you. I see you laugh, I see you love, I see you feel. As a photographer, my intention is for you to see you, the way I see you, and not because I "SEE" better, but because we all have blind spots to seeing our own beauty. My desire is to capture you the second before you feel vulnerable, two seconds after the punch line, and the milliseconds in-between when you think you look silly. However you desire to be seen, whether posing or on a plate, "I can see you!"

And Over time, I found friends who can see me, too!

So, Who Am I?

A one-stop shop for your creative desires.

I AM a Creator. I AM a Photographer. I AM a Graphic Designer. I AM an Artist. I AM a Foodie. I AM a Traveler. I AM a Learner. I AM Love. I AM Strength. I AM Wisdom. I AM a Seeker of Truth. I AM Spiritual. I AM a Golden Age Astrologer. I AM on a path of BECOMING! My vision and creativity is the greatest gift I have been given and it is among the several ways I choose to share my medicine with the world.

Start your story, today!



“Kanacia has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease from the get-go. She's down to earth, funny, kind, and can make those who have never been photographed before feel comfortable and ready. What I loved most is she really listened to what I wanted from the photo shoot, considered how the photos would be used, and then she structured the shoot around those variables. As a new business owner, she transformed me - an awkward individual - into a professional looking boss-lady - the true work of a genius!”

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